Urbanartt Butter Drops - Nylon Drop Outs

Urbanartt Butter Drops – Nylon Drop Outs

UA Butter Drops replacements Derived from BMX, the plastic peg has a proven track record for longer grinds on rough surfaces and perfectly matched to transfer to scooters. The drop outs have 6 positions to rotate the sleeve to improve longevity.
Only compatible with UA Butter and Sprawl decks and comes in two sizes to suit 5.5” and 6” decks.
Height: 23mm
Length: 58mm (5.5” deck) 63mm (6”deck)
Weight: 118grams (5.5” deck) 122 grams (6”deck) (pair)
Core Material: 4130 Cro-Mo Heat treated
Sleeve: Nylon/Fibreglass blend
Compatibility: UA Butter and UA Sprawl decks only


Item No:
9320430558010 – 5.5″
9320430558027 – 6″
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