T  E  A  M  U  A

Max Peters

M  A  X    P  E  T  E  R  S  | 

has been a household name throughout the industry for a good part of a decade, from park orientated riding to street style and everything in-between Max has proven he can do it all. With the core values of Urban Artt at heart, we believe Max is a great asset and will help push our brand to the next level.

T  E  A  M  U  A

Kaaden Bewley

K  A  A  D  E  N    B  E  W  L  E  Y  |

has been turning heads with his unique riding and trick selection over the years matching it up with a standout style and top quality video parts. We are excited to be working closely with Kaaden going forward as he represents Urban Artt throughout the US

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